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Our Goals

  • Our loftiest objective is to teach the students the Arabic language directly and simply, and the teaching of the Quran and the explanation of its meanings and the teaching of the Islamic sciences in a simplified manner with specialized instructors of whom attained of certificates and licenses in such sciences.
  • Our objective is not for you to be continue being a student yet we prepare you to become an instructor in the future in an advanced level of knowledge if desired.
  • We are a specialized Center in teaching the Arabic language, the Quran and the Islamic sciences through direct courses using Skype, Zoom or Smart Board to serve students throughout the World.
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Our Main Programs

Arabic Language

Learning Arabic via Skype or Zoom in a simplified manner through Arabic Window Centre where we provide schedules of which are appropriate to the various age groups of Men, Women and Children with Arab Egyptian Instructors and Specialists, to attain of the upmost of results and of which a sealed certificate is provided prior to the completion of each level of the student.

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Islamic Studies

Learning the Islamic Studies has now become ever so simple and available via Skype and Zoom enabling you to learn the Islamic Studies through the major and simplified books to enable the student to comprehend the Islamic Studies and to advance in it through our ideal curriculum of which has been categorized to the various age groups of Children, Women and Men

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Quran Karim

Learning the Quran via Skype or Zoom is an accessible service by the Arabic Window Centre with Specialized Instructors in the Quranic Articulation points (Tajweed), memorization and Recitation to provide you an appropriate curriculum in learning the Quran to attain of the upmost of results in a short period of time.

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Arabic Window Payment Plans

The Student may choose the set of hours and durations of which he/she requires, whether during the morning or the evening or choose the number of hours and days required except Friday being the Centre’s day off

1 to 15 hrs
$6 / Hour
15 to 30 hrs
$5.5 / Hour
30+ hrs
$5 / Hour
  • the Arabic Window Center offers a 10% discount for orphans that unable to pay.
  • You will get a 10% discount when studying in the month of Ramadan
  • The Arabic Window Center offers a 10% discount for the newly reverted Muslim students within a year ago, only inform the administration the date of the conversion to Islam.
  • You are eligible for a 10% discount by enrolling a new student by yourself, for every hour is a 10% discount for every student you enroll.
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Cairo, Egypt.