Peace be upon you … hello everyone… we would like to welcome you in our first video and also to introduce the activities of this department of Arabic window center where we teach the Arabic language and the Egyptian accent too by specialized Arab teachers who studied at the best Egyptian universities… our concentration in this department is between teaching the Arabic language throughout the vocabs, how to form a sentence in a high skill and the learning of the syntax in an easy way serves the student in learning the language… with us, you can understand the Arabic language of any era, you can learn the language of trading and business in the Arab countries, more than this; you can be a teacher of the Arabic language in the future which is the superior aim for us, you can be perfect in Arabic language within short time of learning depends on your efforts, trust us, we are your way to learn the language easily for any purposes and aims.
What is important than this is to believe in yourself because you can learn the Arabic Language, it is very beautiful and rich language as the people who learn it say. try it, but set your goal seriously.