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  • The lessons we provide are suitable for all stages.
  • You will get a certificate After the completion of each level.
  • We will help you learn and master the classical Arabic (Quranic Arabic), Commercial and Business Arabic.
  • Learn a Slang EgyptianArabic wordsand phrases and speak like an Egyptian.


  • Al-Arabiyyah Bayna Yadayk book: one of the most famous books in teaching the Arabic language for non-native speakers. It helped many students all over the world to learn and speak Arabic. This book contains a wide range of sentences , linguistic exercises and grammar rules. This book has eight chapters, and each chapter is considered a separate level.
  • Al Madinah books: these books will enable you to acquire a knowledge of Arabic in the classical structural form. All of the books teach essential language skills through applied grammar. Each lesson is based on a conversation which illustrates distinctive language patterns.
  • Al-Kitab Al-asasi (Umm Al-Qura University): This best book is prepared for beginners. it is considered one of the best books for learning the Arabic language for non-Arab speakers. The book uses different techniques of evaluation to ensure that you have good command of all basics of the Arabic language.
  • Al-Arabiya Lil Nasheen Book: This series is very popular in learning Arabic. it was prepared as a way to teach practical language lessons. It starts with basic understanding of how sentences are structured in Arabic and the components that constitute sentences. The book covers the building blocks of the language in detail while making good use of examples.Each volume of this text builds the foundation in a gradual manner making it an easy and interactive module.The books set is in 6 large volumes.
  • Nour Al-Bayan book: it’s great book for the beginners. The book contain Arabic alphabet , practice of letters pronunciation, and more.
  • Kallimni Arabi: it trains students through ten highly structured lessons in the crucial skills, with particular emphasis on listening and speaking. The key topics covered gradually lead students to understand, use, and speak Arabic, rather than simply memorize fixed phrases.
  • Grammatical Books (eloquence and grammar)We teach students grammar in a very simplified way. We have a series of grammatical books that are suitable for all. You can choose the suitable book for you.
  • Grammatical science of word Meaning and sentence structure This series of books will help you structure the right sentences and phrases.The Book of Al-Nahw Al-WadehThe Book of Al-Nahw Al-KafiThe Ijromeyah in the explanation of Al-Tuhfah Al-Suneyah

    The Book of Sharh Alfeyat Bin Malek

    The Book of Shuthoor Al-Thahab by Ibn Hisham Al-Ansari

    The Book of Al-Sarf Al-Kafi

    The art of structural identification of the book Shatha al Orf

    The Book of Al-Tatbeeq Al-Sarfi

    The Book of Mukhtasar Al-Sarf

  • Eloquence
    We teach from:Kitab Al-Balagha Al-WadehaAl-Idah Fi Eloum Al-Balaghaor what the student finds suitable

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