The Arabic language is one of the oldest languages ever, its origins date back to more than 2000 years, and it’s the only language that has been honored by keeping on its originality and its roots despite the passing of thousands of years. It also privileged by present what is new in the contemporary expressions as every foreign expression has an equal Arabic expression to it, and this refers to the softness of the Arabic language in keeping on its originality and its roots, also it’s following up the development of the time.

The Arabic language is very ancient and Arabs used it before the advent of Islam, it has been used in the pre-Islam era in trading, poetry, literature, and rhetoric due to its richness of good style of words, and strong meanings. It is the only language that you can-through it- understand and read books of 1500 years ago. It is also distinguished from other languages in many ways including its easy-learning, its many expressions, and its clearness, and you can get different meanings of one word, also it is privileged by its analysis that we can- through it- differ between the meanings of the similar words in one sentence.

Allah SWT sent down his Book in Arabic due to its originality and its rhetorical words. It also used in transforming and writing the sunnah and hadeeth and the language of both Arabic and Islamic civilization of every era. It was the language that is used in performing the acts of worships that have been commanded by Allah SWT so, it is obligatory on every Muslim doesn`t speak Arabic to try to learn it. It is the language of Islam as it was the language of the pre-Islamic era.

It is used also in all sciences, the Islamic and worldly sciences.

Studying the  Arabic language has many aims for example; social reasons like marriage, and in trading. sometimes, some people fall back on learning Arabic to know how to treat with his partners in work who speak Arabic. There are more than 400 million Arabs who speak it, and there are 2 billion persons around the world worship by it as it is the language of more than 22 countries around the world. Also, it is one of the six official languages of the United Nations so, studying the Arabic language become very important until the people who do not speak it able to achieve these aims.

And finally, a lot of people who learn it witness that it is an easy, honor, beautiful, and rhetorical language and all this through their studying and their practicing to the Arabic language.