Learning Quran through communications methods

Learning Arabic, learning Quran, and Islamic studies became easier with the new generation of communications methods, especially artificial intelligence technology.

In past years, the student could listen to the recorded voice of the holy Quran and repeats it many times until memorization. Also using the phone was an available technology method to recite Quran via repetition to learn the Quran with a teacher.

In a gradual way, technology has improved to make the teaching process easier and more efficient.  It is reflected in the ways of learning Arabic, which can use many modern practical teaching tools.

Now, these new technologies help Muslims to learn anything through a variety of tools. Interactive websites, mobile apps, or computer programs are the most common.

E-books like ePub or Mobi Files have become widely used, which help users find many resources for digital book resources such as PDF libraries which allows students to study Islamic sciences like Aqida, Hadith, and the Tafsir of the Holy Quran.

The most popular apps for Quran learning

Mobile apps for smartphones like Android or iOS learn Quran online became diffused.

The most popular apps for Quran reading, and learning by verses recitation, have included distinguished Tafseer books like Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Tafsir al-Tabari, and tafsir al-Qurtubi.

These apps like Tasmee, Tahfeez, and Ayat are the first step learn Quran at home if the student determined that.

The concept of these apps is to help Muslims to choose the best time to learn Quran online anytime, anywhere.

But in fact, it is not easy and efficient to learn Quran for non-Arabic speakers without a guide person, because all the technological practices will not replace personal abilities in the educational process. this teacher who supposed should be a professional learning quranic Arabic online and Ijazah certified to learn Quran with tajweed rules is the most important part of the learning cycle.

The teacher can correct the wrong recitation or reading mistakes which all methods in technological fields cannot do including Artificial intelligence yet.

The best way for learning Quran online

So, the best way to learn Arabic, or Quran learning online now is to make a composition between advanced professional human resources and newly available technologies, and this is a common way that most educational organizations do which is called interactive learning.

A lot of academies depend on interactive learning now, also many Universities. The International Open University (IOU) is one of these recognized Universities and the most popular.

Another example is Tafsir academy specializes in Holy Quran studies and its involved categories like Quran readings, and Islamic Tafsir interpretation methods and the involved.

In Arabic window academy, Holy Quran studies are considered one of its online learning fields like Tafsir academy, In addition to learning Arabic online and Islamic studies online like The International Open University, So Arabic window academy is an integrated Islamic educational organization that included courses or Specializations for beginners, intermediates, and advanced.

Learning Arabic is now easy more than past, Learning Quran became available at any time, and Islamic studies have many online guaranteed recourses so Muslims have no big issues to start learning their religion.