In order to seek and attain knowledge, you must be humble, not arrogant, have patience and good behavior

When seeking knowledge, we find dozens, but hundreds of stories from the Quran and Sunnah and stories of the salafis

Which is filled with the humility of students who seeking knowledge, whatever they are very honorable, and we will mention a famous story in the Quran, not only we should learn the humility in seeking knowledge from it, but also learn the humility in teaching people the science.

Allah has mentioned the story of Moses and (Al-khader) in Surat Al Kahf to know that there is always someone who knows more than us. A man asked Moses peace be upon him, do you know someone knows more than you? Moses said to him “NO”, then. (Allah) blamed Moses and told him that there is a slave and servant called (Al-Khader) in a place called junction of the two seas (majma`a Al Bahrain) in Egypt, he knows more than you so, go and learn from him. Allah told Moses that the mark refers to his place is to take a fish and when you lose the fish you will find this merciful servant scholar, indeed, Moses traveled with his servant on a long journey and when they lost the fish – it was prepared for food, but Allah brought it back to life and the fish backed to the sea – then, he found this slave (Al-Khader) and he greeted and asked him to accompany him to seek knowledge but on condition that he would not ask for anything until Al-khader tells him about it. Then, they get on a ship without paying, and the owners did not ask for fees but Al-khader corrupts it.

And here Moses wondered and denounced the matter, Al-khader reminded him of the condition of not to ask about anything until he tells him. And then go down on the beach and they found a boy, Al-Khader killed him, and here Moses was very affected and strongly denounced the matter and also here Al-Khader reminded him again of the condition. Moses answered him and said, “If I should ask you about anything after this, then do not keep me as a companion”. Then, they went to a village and asked for food from the villagers, but the villagers refused to give them food because they were greedy people, then Al-Khader found a wall that was about to fall, and he set it up again, and Moses said to him, “If you want to take a reward for that, this is your right, because they refused to feed us, and here Al-Khader said to him “they were now to part “

The purpose and wisdom of it is when Al-khader told him that i will tell you everything, but the ship belonged to poor people working in the sea and there was a king takes every ship that is free from defection so, I wanted to defect it, and about the boy -his parents were good people but the boy will be an infidel and when he grow up, he will make them disbelievers too, and Allah will replace him for them one better than him in purity and nearer to mercy. And as for the wall, it belonged to two Orphans boys, and there was beneath it a treasure for them, and their father had been righteous. The wall was about to fall and if it falls the villagers will take that treasure before the boys grow up so, Allah ordered to be built until they grow up and take it.

Here Moses understood the reason and wisdom of what happened. Here we learn from this story

Humility in seeking knowledge and learn patience to bear difficulties in the way of seeking knowledge in Islamic studies

And of course, Moses is not arrogant, he is a faithful messenger, but he should have said that Allah knows better than him

Allah SWT blamed him, peace be upon him, see how humble he was with Al-khader, Also we learn from this story how the teacher should be patient with the learner as Al-khader was patient with Moses when he violated the condition twice. Now, where is our humility in seeking knowledge? It was narrated in the hadith that Al-khader saw a bird and put its beak in the sea, then get it back so, Al-khader said to Moses that my knowledge and your knowledge are not compare to the knowledge of Allah it is just equal the quantity that this bird take it off the sea with his beak. The story has many benefits, but we only spoke about humility, which is the most important characteristic of the one who seeks knowledge. So, be humbling to serve your nation.