It is known that the scholars are the inheritors of the prophets in science, God chooses the faithful men to carry and transfer his religion

Starting from the Companions of the prophet to our time, the companion of the prophet was traveling to other countries which were very far from his country just because there was a hadith he did not hear from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). They were keen to seek knowledge and teach it, even though Islam descended upon them in first place but they have been extended in countries after the death of the Prophet to spread the science in the countries, as well as the first Muslims of the followers and who are after them, seeking knowledge was all their lives, they were traveling for a long time and spend days and months in traveling just to seek knowledge and they traveled a long distance just to learn one hadith as was the case with Imam Bukhari and others. Also, there were who did not get married because of seeking knowledge to have free time to seek knowledge like Imam Ibn Taymiyyah, Imam An-nawawy, and others. It is worth mentioning here that most of the scholars who learned and taught the religion to us are non-Arabs, because most of the Arabs in ancient times interested in other things, but we mention here that God chooses whomever he wants to carry and transfer his religion, regardless of his race or nationality or color, he looks to the hearts and chooses the best to carry and transfer religion, whether religious sciences or language and its linguistics, which is the key of the Islamic law and we mention here some non-Arab scholars who carried the Islamic law of ancient and modern as an example and evidence on What we mention:

  • Imam Bukhari: he is Mohammed bin Ismail Al-Bukhari, one of the most important and famous scholars of hadith and he has many books, most notably Sahih Bukhari, where he chose his hadiths from 600 thousand hadiths because he checked the acceptance of the narration, and it is the most right book after the Book of Allah, and Bukhari was born in the city of Burkhary which located in Uzbekistan in 194 A.H., He was seeking knowledge when he was young and his mother took care of him after the death of his father, it was mentioned that he was blind, then his mother saw our prophet Ibrahim (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in a dream and said to her: “Allah has returned his sight to him because of your crying and your supplication. He has memorized the Quran, when he was young, and then he goes to seek knowledge in all Muslim countries such as Hijaz, Iraq, Syria, Persia, Egypt, and Al-Bukhari has written many books. He has been helped by his sharp intelligence, good memorization, and great study. As for worship he was performing prayer a lot and reciting Quran. He used to read the Quran daily and there is no limit of talking about his knowledge, good behavior and worship.

We also mention that he spent all his money in seeking knowledge, but God gave him the blessing and his money was increased again

But he used to give money to the student to help them to seek knowledge, and the sheikhs of al-Bukhari were Ali ibn al-Madini, Ahmad ibn Hanbal and many other great scholars and his disciples were Imam Muslim, Tirmidhi and many other great scholars also some of the teachers of Bukhari became a narrator about him and a student at him.

Al-Bukhari died at the age of 62 years, and one of the scholars mentioned that he saw the Prophet in a dream with the companions and they were standing up, asked the prophet, O Messenger of Allah; “what are you waiting for?” The Prophet said to them, I am waiting for Mohammed bin Ismail al-Bukhari

Bukhari died at this time -may God’s mercy be upon him- leaving great knowledge for the people.

  • Sibawayh: he is Amr ibn Othman and his nickname is Sibawayh which means the smell of the apple as it came in the Persian language, he was born in the year 148 Hijra in Albaida` city in Iran. His family has migrated to Iraq while he was young and he learnt the language and jurisprudence and hadith and then devote to study grammar and language only. And we mention him here Because the language is the key to the study the religion, and of his teachers, Khalil ibn Ahmad, who is also non-Arab, and the most important thing that Sibawayh did is that he wrote down a book called (the book-Alkitab), which is one of the most important books in grammar and many scholars said that those who study it, does not need to study another book, he did not have many students because he died when he was young of only 32 years and we only remember a great scholar of his students called Qutrob But we want to make it clear here that he left a lot of knowledge`s sources and a great source talking about grammar, which people still learning from it till today.
  • Ibn Taymiyyah: he is Imam Ahmad bin Abdul Halim who was known as Ibn Taymiyeh, he was born in 661 Hijri in the city of Harran in Turkey, he was a great scholar in jurisprudence, hadith and interpretation, he was a diligent scholar famous for his knowledge and asceticism and serious attitudes to defend Muslims and Islam everywhere he went down, And his family emigrated to the city of Damascus at the age of seven years and his father was also a scholar and his family known for their good knowledge, and Ibn Taymiyyah began to seek knowledge in an earlier age, memorized the Quran, the books of Bukhary and Muslim and studied the jurisprudence, hadith, interpretation and the Arabic language by more than 200 scholars and then began teaching people and writing books at the age of 17 Year, he has faced many problems in his life because of spreading knowledge and he also fear none but Allah and he always says the right rule even it is not be accepted by the ruler of the country. The Imam Ibn Taymiyyah was fighting the Tatars when they attacked the Islamic countries, especially in Syria and Egypt. He urged and ordered the kings to fight the Tartars and fought with the soldiers. He taught people in every city he traveled to, he spread the knowledge wherever he went, and talking about his life will requires many lines, we cannot say everything about him in short lines, his life was full of knowledge and he taught it. Ibn Taymiyyah died in prison because of his strength in religion of around 63 years and the funeral was prayed by many people, more than 200 thousand people or more, but prayed by most people in the city and around it at the time

Ibn Taymiyyah was a strong and trustworthy man who constantly remembered Allah, worked hard and taught people, and when Ibn Taymiyah died, he left us many books, knowledge and students like ibn Alqayyim Aljuziyyah, ibn Qudamah Almaqdissy, Alhafiz Azzahaby, and ibn katheer were of his disciples.

  • Al Albani; he is a great scholar known as Muhammad Nasir al-Din al-Albani, he is one of the most famous scholars of hadith of the modern era. He was born in 1333 AH in the city of Shkodra in Albania in Europe. His father migrated to Damascus, Syria when he was young and his father cared to teach him Quran and Sunnah. He also learnt the grammar, morphology and jurisprudence and then his father made him left the school`s education so that he can learn the Islamic studies only. He also learnt the work profession in watches and clocks from his father. He earned from it and became famous. This profession gave him the time to read books. He was helped by his knowledge of the Arabic language how to read the Islamic books from their original sources, and although his father wanted him to learn the jurisprudence and warn him to be preoccupied with learning hadithbut he decided to learn hadith and he excelled in it, he has become famous in Damascus because of his researches in the science of hadith where they gave him a room in the virtual public library in Damascus to wrote down books in it and gave him a key to the library to enter it whenever he pleases.

Al Albani was known for his saying the truth always so he made clashes with a powerful people sometimes, and it is strange that he was imprisoned in the same prison in which Ibn Taymiyyah was imprisoned because of his saying the truth in a scientific way.

Al Albani taught in all the cities of Syria and Jordan and university students and university professors were attending his courses. He also taught at the Islamic University in Medina for years.

The Albany had more than 100 works and researches, many of which were translated into different languages

Such as the series of saheeh ahaadith, a series of weak ahaadith, the etiquettes of the wedding, the right steps of the Prophet’s prayer, and many other books that the Muslims have benefited from. He was similar to the first Muslims in his knowledge and work, may God have mercy on him. He died on Saturday, 2nd of October 1999 AD.

And left us a lot of knowledge`s sources, we ask God to benefit Muslims by this knowledge and forgive him.

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that we have chosen some models from non-Arab scholars who have contributed to the codification and dissemination of knowledge and who transferred the Islamic law, and we did not mention all scholars, the number is too much to be counted.