Allah SWT favored the Muslim scholar on the other creatures, and Allah SWT chooses whom He loves among His creatures to seek knowledge. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

“من يرد الله به خيرا يفقهه فى الدين”
“When Allah wishes good for anyone, He bestows upon him the Fiqh (comprehension) of the religion.”.

Even the angels put their wings on the way for the one who seek knowledge in honor of him. The deed will not be accepted unless it passes through the right education, Allah has honored the scholars in their ranks and he connected his witness with theirs besides the witness of the Angles, He says in the Quran;

شهدالله أنه لا إله إلا هو والملائكة وأولو العلم قائما بالقسط” آل عمران”
 “Allah witnesses that there is no deity except Him, and {so do} angles and those of knowledge- {that He is} maintaining{creation} in justice” Al-Imran

One of the most important Islamic studies that a Muslim must learn [creed (Aqeeda), jurisprudence (Fiqh), biography of the prophet (Seera), Interpretation (Tafseer), and hadith]

  • Creed (Aqeeda): The creed has a great importance in the Islamic religion, Islam consists of both the creed and the deed upon it, any deed will not be accepted without a right creed . It is the most important science of religion at all. The Muslim of origin or the new Muslim must know about Tawheed (monotheism) before learning how to worship. The Prophet remained 13 years- after his mission – calling people to Correcting the creed and tawheed and did not teach them the duties except in Madinah. The deed will not be accepted without a right creed . Allah does not accept any work from a polytheist or person’s faith is incorrect until he corrects his creed and the most important pillars of faith are believe in Allah and angels and sacred Books and the prophets and the day of resurrection and fate, and so on…,
  • Jurisprudence (Fiqh): The study of jurisprudence is the practical, behavioral and social aspect of Islamic law. It concerns the actions of Muslims from halal, haraam, permissive, hateful, desirable, etc. Muslim must learn the correct jurisprudence and warn against the fatwa (legal opinion issued by Islamic scholars) without knowing it. And if he does not know, he should ask who knows more than him. The companions of the Prophet were the people who knew more, they learnt from the prophet what is inside the Book and the Sunnah, and they practiced what they have learnt, and the followers to them have learnt from them with sincerity. And the followers to them also learnt from the previous scholars in right way. Then, the followers to them transferred the rules of jurisprudence rightly so that we do not have any doubt in it, Muslims cannot perform the acts of worship like performing ablution, praying, fasting, giving zakat, doing pilgrimage (hajj), and other acts correctly without learning the jurisprudence. Jurisprudence is to learn the Islamic laws with details. It is worth mentioning that the schools of jurisprudence are many, the most famous are The Four Sunni Schools of Islamic Jurisprudence. Muslim must learn how to perform the acts of worship and transactions to avoid falling into taboos or abomination.
  • The prophetic biography (seera): It is natural that every nation cares about its history and the history of its great scholars and what was going on in its first times so that people can know the history and biography of the first people to follow them and be guided by the biography of their ancestors, and the most greatest history of nations ever is the history of our nation, it is a nation of history which other nations do not have it. The biography of our Prophet has been studied by our predecessor Muslims and non-Muslims because of its great importance. Salafis had known the importance of the biography of the prophet as they had memorized it and taught it such as they study the Quran. The companions and followers were transferring and teaching people the biography of the prophet because it considered a source of education, and also the biography of the prophet increases the strength of faith. When we know the invasions and miracles of the Prophet like when the angles fought in the side of Muslims in the battle of badr, and when they won the battle by Allah`s helping of sending the wind in the battle of Alahzab and others. Allah has ordered us in his Quran to take the Prophet and his companions as a great model to follow them. so, how can we follow them without knowing their biographies. Biography of our Prophet enables us to know accurate details occurred in the past and increase the strength of our faith to know the miracles during his call and invasions and also know the nature of the Islamic invitation, and its difficulties. The biography of our Prophet also helps to understand the provisions of Islamic law because of the knowledge of the attitudes in which the text was said and the reasons for the descent of verses. The Biography of the Prophet is clear and inclusive, it tells us all the details of the life of the Prophet, his wives, his tribe, his childhood, his youth`s period, and the invasions. In the biography of the Prophet we can know everything about him, his life and the life of his companions. The biography of the Prophet is also characterized by accurate documentation that has been transmitted to us the biography of the companions and followers in correct and related reference It is worth mentioning that the biography of the Prophet was written in a very advanced era in the era of the Caliph Omar bin Abdul Aziz.
  • Hadith: The science of hadith is one of the most important sciences of Islamic sciences. The Islamic sciences show the greatness of Islam as it is the building of great thoughts and a productive source at all times. The important of hadith in short as it is the second source after the Quran, through which we take beliefs, practical judgments, treatments and deals and so on. We cannot understand many verses of the Quran except through the hadith that explains these provisions and acts of worship in details, for example, how to perform the prayer, also zakat is mentioned, and we did not know it’s amount except through the hadith. The hadith is the second theoretical source of sharia. Hadith is what the prophet said or did or it is a description of him, or a description of his action. Allah SWT promised to guard this religion through hadith so, it also a revelation, all that the Prophet said is a revelation from Allah. Allah SWT has ensured to guard the hadith as He promised to guard the Quran. Allah has made men set rules to serve the hadith and we can know through it the right hadith and the incorrect one, it is a balance to know the validity of the hadith. Muslims are the only nation that has such a science like this. No one can lie upon the Prophet or make an innovation or superstition in this religion while this science exists. Hadith makes you follow the Prophet correctly and make you learn everything from the words, deeds, form and ethics of the Prophet and make you move away from lying when you are talking about the prophet or transferring of him.
  • Interpretation: It is the most honorable science and it is related to the book of Allah Almighty directly, the Muslim knows through it the meanings of the Holy Quran, which helps him to do good deeds and enter the paradise, you can know the orders of Allah to you and what he forbids you from it through the interpretation, and the jurisprudent also learn from it to know the practical provisions of it as the interpretation explains the provisions, stories and the wisdom in the Quran. The interpreter must know a lot of science to teach the interpretation, such as knowledge of the reproducer and replicator, the knowledge of the causes of descent and jurisprudence in the Quran, linguistics and other sciences that help him to interpret as it is a science that we need to serve. The Companions of the prophet were keen to teach people the interpretation and the meanings of the Quran, they understood it as God wanted, it was revealed in them and they transferred it to the followers after them who were diligent in the teaching of interpretation as the Quran is the first source of the law. So, they learnt it in details more than the companions themselves, and this was after the opening of the other countries and the converting of a lot of Non-Arabs to Islam so, they needed to codify and explain more than others. It is enough to say that the one who interested in the science of interpretation, it means that he interested in the greatest sciences ever. There is no doubt that God loves who studies the interpretation because he is busy in understanding the words of the Lord of the Worlds, may God help us all in seeking knowledge.