Many people think that they have a strong memory and can have the knowledge easily, just because they memorize quickly, but this is not what the first predecessor or the followers did, they repeated over and over what they were studying, whether with reading or writing in all sciences, such as Hadith or Fiqh or grammar or any other science.

According to what we know about a presence of someone who has a strong memory, memorizes very fast and almost forget nothing, this is rare to be by the general people.

Repetition is the best way to well memorization and the acquisition of science so, you will never forget, yet you find “with more experience” that what you find it difficult in the beginning and after making an effort to memorize it, you will Never forget it due to the repetition.

Repetition makes you stand on the exact things you do not see only in the case of repetition.

Repetition strengthens your memorization and your understanding, although some maybe become bored of it, but it is the best solution to not to forget, no one who repeats his part from the Quran or memorizes it will not find it difficult when reviewing, if he repeats what he wants to study and memorize in Any branch of subjects.

Here are some sayings of the first predecessor and who followed them about repetition:

  1. Yahya ibn Ma’een said (if we do not repeat writing nor hearing the hadeeth fifty times, it means we did not memorize it)
  2. Muzni said (I read the book of “Alresala -the message” five hundred times, each time I get a new benefit)
  3. Also, it was said that Bakr bin Mohammed bin Abi Fadl Ansari was repeating the rule four hundred times at the beginning of his seeking knowledge.
  4. it was quoted that Ibn Hisham read “Bukhary” seven hundred times.
  5. Abu Bakr ibn Atiyah said that he repeated Saheeh al – Bukhari seven hundred times.

Even Bukhari and Muslim with their strong memory, they repeated the reading many times to strength the memorization and we have many examples. It is a proven recipe to confirm the knowledge in the hearts of men and know many benefits.

May Allah bless us with the useful knowledge and the great deeds.