The best way to learn Quran online will be discussed in this article and we will present the most prominent ways that help a Muslim Learn Quran, and even master memorization well.

Can I learn Quran online easily?

Of course yes, where you can learn Quran recitation with tajweed, and there are many advantages that allow you to choose that by relying on the Internet, most notably.

1- Ease of learning the Quran

Now you don’t need to go down to the memorization office and wait for your turn, especially since there are many people who are often busy.

So, learning Quran online is the most prominent way in which you can enroll yourself or your children to learn the Quran within a time of your choice.

2- Evolution in learning Quran

You must know very well that the process of obtaining a great deal of excellence – or the methods that facilitate the memorization process can gain it through applications, graphics, sounds, and recordings that undoubtedly contribute to the ease of learning the Quran.

It is also important to learn Quran with Tafseer, which clarifies many meanings to the students, which creates advantages to your learning process.

The Quran learning plan is what actually motivates you to Learn Quran Online in order to be able to obtain all these Advantages especially to learn Quran Online with tajweed.

There are many ways to Learn the Quran and its recitation, such as listening to educational tapes and videos, and programs that help you in the process of memorizing and correcting your mistakes.

The most important steps for learning Quran

The following are the most important steps for learning Quran, including:

1- Select the surahs that you want to memorize, and then listen to it from the sheikh you prefer, taking into consideration listening carefully to him in order to master the rules of tajweed.

2- Choose the time and place that suits you, taking into consideration that the place is away from any source of the disturbance.

3- You have to focus and pay attention to what you read and memorize in order to be able to master reading the Quran and the provisions of tajweed.

4- Repeat what you read, as this process helps in strengthening your memory.

5- Try to link ideas and sentences with each other, and do not hesitate to use the books of tajweed, and interpretation, as they have a key role in mastering the memorization process.

6- Relied on the process of memorizing only one Quran recitation.

7- Make sure to review regularly.

8- Resort to Allah in prayer in order to master the memorization and recitation of the Quran.

The answer to the question of how to learn the Quran quickly?

Many may search for an answer to the question of how to learn the Quran quickly? and how to learn the Quran without knowing Arabic. This is because of the need for a memorizer due to the lack of time for some, So:

1- It must be realized that Learning Quran is considered a special thing that has unique methods because it is not like memorizing anything from any ordinary book.

  • Because the holy Quran needs to be memorized with some provisions of tajweed first.
  • To read correctly, it is very important to learn the rules of

tajweed before Learning Quran and memorizing it, because it is essential in learning.

  • Tajweed can be learned through the Internet if it is difficult to go to a mosque and attend sessions that explain the rules of Tajweed.

2- One of the ways that provide a satisfactory answer to the question of how to learn the Quran for beginners is by listening to a certain Sheikh at home. Then recite behind it once, twice, and thrice, so that you can say the verse alone without the sheikh, and this is repeated with each verse.

3- One of the peaceful ways to learn the Quran easily is to start step by step, beginning with memorizing small parts such as Juz 30.

4- The best way to learn Quran by heart is for a person to repeat each verse more than once after knowing the correct recitation of it.