The Easy way to learn Quran through Technology

How to learn Quran easily? It’s an important question for every Muslim and Muslimah especially for non-Arab natives and for Arab people who have little time to learn generally.

The revolution of technology makes the learning process easier than in the past with new interactive tools for most learning fields.

These tools allow Muslims to learn Quran with tajweed whatever one-way direction like YouTube learning Quran channels or interactive learning Quran depending on conversational apps like Skype or zoom etc.

Artificial intelligence technology now allows self-study Quran by creating free apps to learn Quran, for example, the Tasmee app and Tahfiz App.

Using these apps is the answer to the public question “can I learn Quran by myself?” or “can I learn Quran without a teacher?” but these apps that help you learn the Quran have great issues one of them is that no correcting way for recitation although interactive ways like display the translation of Ayaat for non-Arab to understand the meaning or repeated the recitation with the written Ayaat in addition to recorded voice to check the memorization.

Recitation via repetition and detailed tajweed sessions

The best way to learn Quran online is recitation for memorization with tajweed daily, that recitation and pronunciation will be corrected while the student recites, As well, as tajweed rules.

Daily learning commitment is a quick way to learn Quran for those who are interested in achieving full Quran ijazah which means the student deserves a certificate from the Sheikh Almogez because he/she had read the entire Quran with tajweed and sophistication and differentiation between the synonyms, and became eligible to read.

Weekly learning Quran online is another good option, sometimes it’s for persons that they have limited time or who need more time to learn the holy Quran online.


How to learn Quran with tajweed at home?

Many academies offer a number of different types of online programs which consider varieties methods to learn the Quran easy way and advanced.

Because the average time to learn Quran is different for each other it depends on the knowledge of the Arabic language, tajweed rules, and the ability to memorize.

One of these ways is learning by matoon like Matn Tohfat Al- Atfal and Matn el Jazeria.

Matn Tohfat Al- Atfal Created by sheik Gamzory, wrote it in a poetic way to be easy for students to memorize, and it was named like that because it is easy for children and adults to chant it.

But Matn el Jazeria was created by sheik shams el –Dein el-jazery, he wrote in a poetic way also but more special to be studied easily.

It was named like that attributed to who wrote it – Sheik El- Jazery and it includes almost all the main rules of Quranic recitation.

Another way that the Students recite the Quran via repetition in front of their teacher is by technology communication methods like skype or Zoom apps alongside learning Tajweed rules in detail without the Matoon books.


The best time to learn Quran is now that the technology makes the process to learn Quran at home easier and more fixable.

Arabic Window academy is one of the best websites to learn the Quran online once you try it; you will discover that it was a great experience, and will be the best way to learn Quran by heart.