Arabic conversation is the target skill

There is no doubt that learning Arabic conversation is not as common or loved by students as other skills such as reading or writing, this is despite the importance of the skill of conversation as it is called the target skill. All the other skills are in the interest of learning the skill of Arabic conversation because the origin in all the languages is speech, not writing or reading with the importance of reading and writing of course. The Arabic conversation is the mental image of what is going on in the student’s mind regarding the language, but we often find disappointment when students fail to possess this skill strongly, and it is not the reason for the difficulty of this skill, but it has several reasons, including that there are no competent teachers who can train students for the skill of speaking in Arabic. We even find some of them who underestimate the importance of this skill out of ignorance of its importance and do not give it enough time or effort, which wastes a lot on students, saying for example why do we devote some time to dialogue and the student is good at grammar and writing and reading and he has a lot of vocabularies.


The effects of student’s environment on learning conversation

The second problem is related to the student’s environment itself; he does not find anyone to talk to in Arabic and if he does, he will find it for a very short time and this is not enough for a student who wants to be able to skill and learn Arabic conversation. Some students only find people online who are not sufficiently familiar with Arabic, which leads to a degradation in the student’s level of speech, so the student must find a person or teacher who has experience and knowledge of this matter so that his level rises with time.


The chosen topics should be close to the student’s environment and of interest

The biggest problem from our point of view is also the teacher’s choice of a specific topic for the conversation in Arabic that does not interest the student in anything, we often advise our teachers when teaching the student Arabic conversation to choose topics close to the student’s environment and of interest to the student to attract him to speak in Arabic, for example, if he doesn’t want to talk in Arabic and one of his most important interests is football you just have to talk to him in Arabic about football, for sure he will then talk for a long time and maybe you will get headaches from the long talk because the talk attracts him and this is what we train our teachers in the academy and recommend it to them. And you must talk to students in Arabic about modern matters that concern them, and don’t talk to a French student, for example, about the reasons for the French revolution, because of course he will not be attracted to you because of the distance of time period.

Also, the teacher can leave it to the student to choose the topic and the rest of the students if they are in the class should write their notes to discuss them which will certainly enrich the educational process.

There is no doubt that learning Arabic conversation is important as it is the crown of skills and the student must always take advantage of the presence of the teacher with him to benefit from him and no one should underestimate this skill.

As for our guide teachers always devote time to the Arabic conversation at the beginning or end of the lesson to develop the speech of the students.