An advanced state of technology did not exist before.

There is no doubt that the world at this period of time is witnessing an advanced state of technology that did not exist before. Therefore, learning Islam online has become a great opportunity that was not available before, with the click of a button, a person can learn Islam online through the Internet, and the scientific materials it contains are easy to obtain, unlike in the past, now a person, while sitting at home, can learn easily and obtain scientific materials easily without leaving the room, and this is a great blessing that God gave us in recent years, and the source was not easily available as is the case now.
But we would like to note here an important thing, which is that these Islamic sites that teach Islam via the Internet are very few compared to sites teaching other religions.


The need for more Islamic websites to serve the Islamic religion

We still need many, many Islamic websites that serve the Islamic religion, according to statistics, we find that Islamic websites on the Internet represent only 9% of religious websites, as the websites for other religions outnumber Islamic websites, and not only that, but we find that the websites that attack Islam directly and indirectly almost have a budget larger than the budget of all the Islamic websites, as it reaches one billion dollars annually, If this indicates anything, then it indicates the many enemies of the truth, but we must create and use Islamic websites in a good and intensive way in the service of this religion of righteousness.


Create and use Islamic websites in a good and intensive way

Islamic websites are still few, as we mentioned, and Internet users now have exceeded half of the world’s population, so it is necessary to use these capabilities to spread Islamic studies over the Internet. Islamic sites may provide us with everything that the visual media can make available to us, such as television, audio, radio, and written texts. All of this is easily and easily available to the researcher. But we also strongly note that many of these Islamic websites have limited influence and sometimes contain superficial or incorrect information and need to be reviewed to make it right.


The websites provide the feature of interaction as an advantage

Finally, we would like to highlight some of the advantages of the website that teach Islam online
These sites provide the reader with Islamic materials, whether visual, audio or written, rather, these websites provide the feature of interaction, as the user can interact and participate via chat, unlike television or radio, where the person is only a receiver. There are tens or even hundreds of video and audio debates in which a person can participate in some of the available programs, add to this the ease of storing and transferring information and data, no matter how large, in a short time and easily, which makes it easy to learn Islam online. In fact, we say that there are hundreds of specialized websites, such as our academy, that teach Islam online through specialized and trained teachers, which facilitates the process of teaching Islamic subjects, unlike the past.
This is a blessing that we must thank God for. Rather, we must work to increase these sites in professional ways for the sake of Allah.