Arabic language learning tools for non-native speakers

The Arabic language is a very rich and flexible language and is considered the most important historically surviving language that preserves its characteristics and roots. It is a generous language that still retains its vocabulary and origins for very long centuries, and this makes It a language that cannot be destroyed.

It is a language with an undoubted history. We can understand poetry, speeches, and prose speech since the pre-Islamic era through the various eras of Islamic history which indicates the richness and richness of our Arabic language , as it was a container for all civilizations that were established for all peoples who knew Islamic civilization, east to China and west to Europe.

Learning the Arabic language is a valuable goal for anyone who wants to navigate the various Arab and Islamic cultures that were a beacon to all civilizations and peoples of the world in the past.

Therefore, based on our belief that the Arabic language is the language of civilization in the past and the language of the future, we have established this academy to teach non-native speakers of the Arabic language around the world the principles and origins of the Arabic language at all levels via the Internet, in order to facilitate those who wanted to navigate the study of the Arabic language .

Studying the Arabic language online gives you several advantages, the most important of which is the ease of studying and reviewing the Arabic language with specialized Arab teachers.

It also allows you to study Arabic without a high cost.

Studying the Arabic language online has tools that the learner must possess in order to be able to complete the study process in an easy and enjoyable manner.

The first of these tools is for the learner to have a good internet and a computer or phone through which the learner can communicate with the academies of learning the Arabic language via the Internet easily.

The other thing is to learn the Arabic language via the Internet. The learner must have even a simple knowledge of communication programs such as Zoom or Skype or any other program that makes it easy for him to communicate by voice and video with his teachers. The learner of the Arabic language through the Internet must feel that he sees and hears the teacher as if he is in a real classroom.

One of the tools for learning the Arabic language online is also that the learner has knowledge of the registration program, so he can record lessons if he wants to, So he can return to the lessons whenever and wherever he wants, he and other people, if he wants others to participate in the study.

And whoever wants to learn Arabic online must also have a good headset and a good mic in order to be able to communicate well with his teachers from Arab countries or anywhere else.

Also, anyone who wants to learn Arabic online must have books specialized in this fieldWe mean books for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, as they are books specially prepared by experts to teach Arabic to non-native speakers.

The learner must possess a different number of these books so that he can combine them in order to benefit from the largest possible number of books.

And the matter is not limited to books only, but the learner must also practice this language with Arabic-speaking people, and preferably if they are.

Native speakers of the Arabic language and they speak it correctly. This provides the student who learns the Arabic language with a state of familiarity with the language, and this is a very big factor in the progress of the students. The student can do this by chatting with trusted and knowledgeable people via the Internet and knowing the programs and groups that allow this, such as Facebook and WhatsApp groups, etc.

And we would like to note here that the study of the Arabic language via the Internet is the most important thing in which the student listens, speaks and understands.

And we remind every learner of the Arabic language via the Internet to bring a good camera so that the teacher can monitor how the student pronounces letters, words and sentences, so that the teacher knows where the error is, if any.

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that we have mentioned the most important tools for learning the Arabic language via the Internet for those who want to learn the Arabic language , and not all the tools, as the tools are many and complex, but we mentioned what is sufficient for the student and we do not overdo it at first.

But the last advice we would like to advise learners of the Arabic language via the Internet remains, which is the will and patience.

How many students did not know the simple sentence of the Arabic language , so after some time he became a professor, fluent and articulate, and even became a better speaker of the Arabic language than many of its original residents.

This is because he had the will and patience to achieve his goal.