Advantages of learning the Quran online

Learning the Qur’an online has become very popular in recent years. Hundreds of teachers and thousands of students around the world have entered this field, especially after the world witnessed some deadly epidemics that forced people to leave their homes, such as the Corona epidemic. Therefore, students around the world turned to study the Qur’an online instead of going out. To study places, whether school, university or mosque.

Teaching the Qur’an online has also gained wide popularity for the ease of studying with specialized teachers obtaining the highest degrees of education only through a computer screen from a room in your home without bothering or paying expensive costs. Many digital programs have helped that allow students and teachers to hear and see easily and easily. All you need is a computer and a good internet. Also, while learning the Qur’an online, you can record these lessons and benefit from them later or show it to others such as your brothers or friends. the matter has become easy and you can even review it while you are riding the bus or in times of rest from work. Learning the Qur’an online allows you to choose the teachers from any country you want and allows you to choose the right time at a cheaper cost than moving to study. You can also choose the amount and method of lessons in agreement with your teachers to suit your life circumstances. Although there are many applications and recordings on the Internet that help you listen to the Qur’an , studying the Qur’an online helps you greatly by interacting with a specialized teacher who takes your hand to goodness, Allah willing, and realizes your weaknesses, alerts you to them and treats them, and he can answer your questions in a way that allows you to do your reading until you reach to the degree of mastery.

We have in our institution a lot of students who studied the Qur’an online and overcame all the problems and obstacles until they reached a great degree of proficiency. Some of them have become teachers now and have many students. Our goal is to become a teacher as well and spread goodness.

The best of you is the one who learns and teaches the Qur’an . Finally, we tell you that learning the Qur’an online is a very great blessing that Allah has bestowed upon us in this time when students’ time is short as a result of the many crowded life circumstances unlike the past. Students in the past were suffering from the hardship of moving and perhaps traveling to get the correct reading or Ijazah (to became a certified reader).

But through the spread of learning the Qur’an online now, you can learn and discuss the teacher and ask while you are at home and perhaps get an Ijazah as well

In conclusion, we wish you good luck