Learning Islam Online

Learning Islam online has become a widespread issue in the recent period, especially with the spread of video conversations applications and with the new global conditions such as quarantine as a result of the spread of infectious diseases such as Covid 19

You can learn Islam online while you are in your place and obtain certified licenses from teachers who have the knowledge, so seeking knowledge has become an easy matter, unlike the past completely. through learning Islam and Islamic subjects online.

You can learn Islam in all its branches and sciences while you are in your room. you can easily view and record lessons and refer to them whenever you want.

You can study fiqh online, and not only that, but you can specialize in a branch of fiqh, such as Maliki fiqh, and find a teacher to teach you online from a place so far away that it is difficult for you to travel to or meet with this sheikh.

And not only that, learning Islam online has made it possible to study all the Islamic sciences such as creed (Aqeeda), jurisprudence (Fiqh), biography of the prophet (Seera), Interpretation (Tafseer), and hadith and other sciences that students cannot travel to and acquire knowledge in.

Learning Islam online has provided us with a great opportunity to acquire the correct Islamic knowledge from its pure sources without the hardship of travel, as was the case in the past. As students used to hit the earth, east and west, to study jurisprudence or hadith, or even to obtain one valid chain of transmission in hadith or the Qur’an, but now, thanks to Allah and his mercy, it is possible to learn Islam online while you are in your room.

And you can even choose specialized teachers and times to suit your needs through learning Islam online. Also, for those who are very far from the Islamic world, they can have their children study Islam online away from hardship and away from the deviant beliefs and ideas, and that is because there are easy and convenient ways to reach qualified sheikhs.

In conclusion, we have nothing but to raise our hands to Allah, thanking Him, Blessed and Exalted be He, for the blessing of learning Islam online. It is like a miracle in facilitating study and the presence of many sheikhs and academies that facilitate learning away from problems, difficulties and ideological deviation.

And our Arabic Window Academy is nothing but a way and a blessing that God has granted us to teach Islam online at the hands of specialized sheikhs.

And we Ask Allah to accept all the good deeds from us.