Advantages of online Quran lessons

online Quran lessons become very popular in recent times and are widespread for several reasons, including the spread of the large number of centers that play this role and the spread of video conference applications for many Muslims around the world.

Online Quran classes have become easy to obtain, and it is not as in the past. Anyone can register with a teacher for himself/herself and for his/her children to study the Quran online simply because he wants to do so without obstacles, he only has to prepare a computer and a good Internet.

As for the advantages of studying the Quran online, they are numerous, and we mention the most important of them, which is that the student studies easily while he/she is at home or in his bedroom without the need to leave the house, and the student can choose any teacher he/she wants, whether an English-speaking teacher or a native speaker of the student’s language.

Online Quran lessons provide him/her with these options, and they also save the student a lot of time and effort that he would spend if he left his home for Quran lessons, as he used to do in the past.

Also, the lessons of the Quran online can create a strong incentive to learn in the event of a spirit of competition. If the student studies in a group, he competes with them and thus advances the level of the study.

The students of the online Quran classes can learn, choose, and compete at cheap prices while sitting at home. They can even benefit themselves and their families when they are with him in the study room or by recording the lessons and re-listening to them whenever they and their families and friends want.

Also, online Quran lessons provide the student with access to readings that he cannot obtained while he/she is in his/her country or city, as if he wants to read the Qalon reading and there is no teacher who can teach this reading in his/her area, so he/she can find online Quran lessons for this reading with another teacher from a far place around the world and thus there will not be difficulty in learning, as in the case with other readings such as Hafs and others.

We also mention that one of the advantages of online Quran lessons is that the student can get a Ijazah without the effort of traveling and paying a lot of money. He/she can finish the reading to the ijazah holder teacher correctly and obtain his/her ijazah by two ways, either online in PDF format or he can ask for a paper to be sent to his/her location after he finish his/her reading correctly.

We would like to point out here that the lessons of the Quran online are cheap lessons compared to moving and traveling from one place to another as it is known. The movement is financially costly, even if it is in the same city in which the student lives. Especially in these difficult times in which the epidemic has spread and the closure has been for a long period, and in conclusion, we ask success from Allah for us and you.