FAQ about learning Arabic


Question: Is Arabic a beautiful and ancient language?

Answer: Yes, the Arabic language is a beautiful and ancient language.


Question: Is Arabic a common language among the world’s population?

Answer: Yes, the Arabic language is a widespread language among the world’s population and spoken by more than 400 million people.


Question: Is there a demand in learning Arabic?

Answer: Yes, there is a strong demand among Arabs and non-Arabs to learn the Arabic language in a noticeable manner, proved by the establishment of schools for the Arabic language for non-native speakers in foreign countries and in the many institutes and websites as well.


Question: Is Arabic difficult as they say?

Answer: No, the Arabic language is a broad and large language with its vocabulary and linguistic roots, so some students think that it is a difficult language, but in fact the correct expression is that it is a wide and rich language with historical roots.


Question: Is it possible to learn Arabic easily?

Answer: Yes, it can be learned easily if the learner loved it, and this made a large number of non-native Arabs became professors, teachers, poets and writers.


Question: What is the best way to learn Arabic?

Answer: The best way to learn the Arabic language is to experience the language itself by studying it and speaking it with an Arabic person who is fluent in it.


Question: Does it take a long time to learn Arabic?
Answer: This depends on the time of the student himself/herself. If the student is given more time to study, he can learn it quickly.


Question: Can a person who has limited time learn Arabic?
Answer: Yes, a busy person can learn the Arabic language through some websites that provide registered lessons or by keeping online lessons and recording them and then reviewing them at leisure or by taking a bus…etc.


Question: Is studying the Arabic language expensive or do you need to travel?

Answer: No, studying the Arabic language is very cheap compared to studying other languages, due to the possibility of studying it online. It does not require traveling or moving from one city to another to study it, and also because of the low income in Arab countries compared to Western countries, which makes the cost average and not as high as in Western countries, through the exchange rate variation.


Question: Can a person become a teacher of it and work with it one day?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to study and obtain certificates from many universities directly or online, or licensed online schools, and there are many job opportunities, whether in foreign countries or Arab countries.


Question: Are there students who actually became teachers after studying Arabic?

Answer: Yes, there are hundreds of students who have turned into qualified teachers in their country after mastering the Arabic language.


Question: Is working as an Arabic language teacher profitable?

Answer: Yes, the Arabic language teacher can earn a lot of money for himself/herself and his/her family if he/she is a good and sincere teacher, but every teacher should aim to help students first and not only aim for money.


Question: What are the most famous benefits of studying the Arabic language?

Answer: Studying the Arabic language has many reasons, including understanding the Quran and the authentic Sunnah, including social matters such as marriage, travel and business as well. There are many other reasons.


Question: What is the best way to learn Arabic? And What is the best curriculum?

Answer: There is no one method that is suitable for all students. Each student has a suitable method that does not suit others, according to his/her level, cultural background, and other reasons.

As for the curricula, it can be suitable for a student and not suitable for another student, so every student has his/her unique curriculum. each according to his/her level and knowledge. For example, the student who is a native Arabic speaking and whose mother tongue has many Arabic vocabulary suits him A curriculum that is not suitable for a foreign student who does not have knowledge of any Arabic vocabulary, but rather cannot pronounce the Arabic letters well. Each student has a suitable method and curriculum that may differ from one that is suitable for another.

We will successively answer your questions and what is on the minds of the students, so expect more from us.